Creating and managing the built environment is a complicated task fraught with difficult decisions, challenging relationships, and a multitude of variables. Today‚Äôs technology experts are building computers and software that can help resolve many of these challenges, some of them using what is broadly called artificial intelligence and machine learning. In my THESIS published in September 2018 I define machine learning and artificial intelligence for the investor and real estate audience, examine the ways in which these new analytic, predictive, and automating technologies are being used in the real estate industry, and postulate potential future applications and associated challenges. This INFOGRAPHIC breaks down the ways these technologies are being used today. The conclusion is, machine learning and artificial intelligence can and will be used to facilitate real estate investment in myriad ways, spanning all aspects of the real estate profession — from property management, to investment decisions, to development processes — transforming real estate into a more efficient and data-driven industry.