About Me

Queen of her domain

I aim to make an impact on the built world through beautiful design, smart development, and strategic investment in great places, and people. As a commercial real estate professional, I enjoy wrangling the dueling priorities of my experience: architecture and finance, planning and politics, and design and technology. I welcome the challenges and rewards of financial analysis and reporting, data visualization, community engagement, and development management. I thrive on new experiences, rigorous and thoughtful academic work, and meeting inspiring people.

My academic homes are UC Berkeley, where I studied architecture, and MIT, where I solidified my education in real estate investment. These places inspire me to create a better world through interdisciplinary study, creativity, and leadership.

I love to geek out about technology of all kinds. My research on artificial intelligence and machine learning in real estate has opened my eyes to crazy exciting innovations that are here and soon to come. Our world is rapidly changing and I’m ready to keep learning.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/conwayjennifer/

Instagram: jenncon3