Arranging a Home

Moving is very exciting; new city, new house, and, most importantly, new furniture! We moved from the other side of the country a few months ago and decided that none of our furniture was quite worth bringing along, so now we have a relatively large space to fill on a small budget. We had to prioritize where we would furnish first; we chose our small bedroom, a large kitchen, and a large living room. As a creative type with some interior design experience I want to have all kinds of fun with it, unfortunately there is the limited budget to consider. Luckily with decent cheap furniture out there (thank you Ikea), and with second-hand resources, like Craigslist we have been able to find some decent pieces that work. With a larger budget it would be great to have fun with different finishes, colors and textures, but I found that on a limited budget it made more sense to stick with dark wood and black finishes.

One of the hardest parts is a mattress. There are many different vendors and lots of different styles, and all of them are priced differently; some are expensive, some are extravagant, and some are at an extreme that it’s hard to fathom. The important thing is to try a bunch and look for sales. Lots of places give discounts to students and some even to recent grads. Personally, I value my sleep and my back and have no desire to sleep on a 3 inch piece of foam or a 20 year old frame with springs digging into my back.  Also, don’t try to move it in yourself unless you (and whoever is helping you) are very strong and can balance a large wobbly slab while carrying it up stairs. The delivery price is worth it.

We still have a lot of space to fill, but now we get to move on to the details, like curtains and area rugs to add some personality to the space. One example of a little personality is the bookshelf I designed a long time ago for my brother’s room in our old house. Luckily we hung on to the shelves (which were expertly constructed by a family member) and we were able to install one in our living room. To see the shelves check out my portfolio on my website:


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