Beautiful Massachusetts

I don't know what that weird shiny metal thing is either.I spent some time exploring the areas around Boston this weekend and it was fun, picturesque, and just the perfect dose of real autumn (the leaves are just starting to change) that I craved when I was in California. All my friends have heard me quote the Augustana song “Boston” to explain why I would move back to the East Coast: “I think I’ll go to Boston… I’ll get out of California, I’m tired of the weather… I think I need a sunrise, I’m tired of the sunset; I hear it’s nice in summer, some snow would be nice…” Fortunately my life is not really like a somewhat “emo” song, but really, some snow would be awesome! But it’s not just that, I also love the old buildings, the history, the traditional culture, even the annoyingly uneven (and hole-filled) brick sidewalks. And today I am surrounded by many of the most brilliant minds in the world on MIT’s campus. From here I can see the beauty of the urban environment that has taken over this antique city. I will not say that every building is an architectural masterpiece, but the skyline seems comfortable, nobody is trying to be the tallest building, the old brick ones still show through.

I can definitely see myself spending a long time here – given the right opportunity I would even settle down here.

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