Moving to Boston

So far my posts (seen under “Old Posts”) have all been about building my website ( and learning about HTML, etc. All of those were written from San Francisco, a place where knowledge of technology is so important to many people and it’s hard to get away from talking about the latest start-up or big move by Google. But now I am returning to the East Coast (I grew up in New Jersey) and starting an adventure in Boston. While the area has its fair share of start-ups and tech junkies I have so far felt a shift in focus of the people around me that is less about technology and more about, well, everything else in life! While I’m sure the fact that Boston is the ultimate college town where you can’t go 2 feet without seeing another student and there might be more talk of dorm rooms and college credits than I might like (or the woes of being a TA and poor salaries from my grad student friends), I also expect there to be a higher level of intellectualism and a broader grasp on culture. Not to say that San Franciscans are dumb or uncultured, far from it. I knew many incredibly intelligent people there with all kinds of tastes and backgrounds. I just mean to say that in the San Francisco/Bay Area I often felt bombarded by much of the same – it was always startups, hipster culture and music, and food. While I value and appreciate all of these things (I mean at least hipsters provide some entertainment and maybe make you think a little) I felt like I was being sucked into a bubble and I was losing touch with the world. In practice I don’t really think that happened, but it was enough of a feeling to push me towards the decision of leaving.

All that said, I still love San Francisco (and Berkeley) and could certainly see myself going back one day, preferably after the current tech boom runs out and things like the cost of rent return to the realm of the normal person. On the other hand I am very excited to be moving to Boston, a place I have only visited a few times and know very little about. But people keep telling me how it’s so great! you’ll have so much fun! Don’t raise my expectations too much, people!

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